ANHAR Water Technologies is a specialist swimming pool MEP design, maintenance and repair company, offering a professional service for all your swimming pool necessities. At ANHAR Water Technologies, we handle all electro-mechanical related aspects of a swimming pool, from piping, to circulation and filtration, disinfection, lighting and heating.

Aside from design and installation, ANHAR Water Technologies strongly concentrates on maintaining sanitation and the chemical balance of the pool water; by ensuring that the filtration system removes all unwanted dirt and foreign particles from the water, then by adjusting the chemical dosages that contributes to the overall chemical balance of the pool. Depending on the level of automation that you might want, our systems would regularly monitor the quality of water and automatically adjusts the chemical dosing accordingly. At the same time, our maintenance team would have regular inspections to guarantee that the system is working at its optimal point. After all, regular maintenance not only protects your financial investment, by more importantly, your health and safety.

Similar to swimming pools, the team at ANHAR Water Technologies, has had the proper training and on-ground experience with all kinds of Jacuzzi, spas and hot tub systems.

Having worked on over the 100 system ranging in sizes and types, our teams at the office and on-ground are ready to assist you in any possible way, from design, to installation, to maintenance and repair. E-mail us at: [email protected] or call +961 7 740730, and we promise the supreme solutions to our customers.