About us

Established in 2003, ANHAR Water Technology started as a free lance water treatment and pool service company under the name of "ANHAR”. By year 2011, as business started to expand, the company broadened and deepened its work fields and added "Water Technology” to its name to become "ANHAR Water Technology”. In the same year, the company opened an office headquarter in Saida, while retaining the retail shop in Tyr/Sour.
At ANHAR Water Technology, we always try to provide the best service and products possible to our customers. We firmly believe that every customer counts, and with your support and referrals, we continue to grow and expand for a better future together.

Meet the teams

Management and Engineering
With over 20 years of experience, and a multidisciplinary team consisting of mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers; ANHAR Water Technology is always ready to study, design, propose and price your projects and tender offers.

New Installations
Every new project installation is prone to face start up issues and problems. As such, at ANHAR Water Technology, we dedicated a team specifically trained to install, troubleshoot, and ensure a trouble-free operation from Day 1.

Operation and Maintenance

Similar to our dedicated team for new installations, we also devoted a team purposely to carry out the periodic visits and required maintenance. Trained to analyze the current situation of the system, and assess its quality; predicting possible future problems, if any.

Who are we

ANHAR water technology is an engineering contracting firm specializing in water treatment.We are a team of engineers and technicians, keen to turn visions to reality.

We are a full-service treatment engineering firm – that is, we design every MEP element of each project. From design and layout, to execution and hand-over, our team handles each step in the process with professionalism and transparency.