With the arising global scarcity of fresh water, demand for efficient solutions for this matter is also on the rise. One of the most efficient technologies that show prospers future in this field is reverse osmosis (RO).

Reverse osmosis is a membrane-based technology that utilizes pressure application to overcome osmotic pressure, that translates to the removal of ions, salts, minerals and large impurities from water. RO can be used to remove a vast majority of suspended and dissolved solids from water.

Depending on the final usage of the processed water, the desalination system can be designed in various ways to ensure proper application requirements. At ANHAR Water Technology, every RO system is exclusively custom designed to surpass the clients needs. Had the water be for domestic use, drinking purposes, boilers and chillers, or even industrial applications, our team’s experience is ready to supply you with an efficient system that suits your requirements and budget.

When opting for a household water purification system, whether it should be for drinking or domestic usage, most systems will include the following steps:
  • Pretreatment of raw water.
  • Filtration of raw water through a sediment filter to trap large particles.
  • Filtration of filtered water through a carbon filter to remove organic chemicals and chlorine.
  • A reverse osmosis membrane filter for ion, salt and mineral removal.
  • An Ultraviolet lamp for sterilization. (If required for application)
  • Polishing filters and post treatment. (If required for application)